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   Sep 27

Eating during a time of chaos

Since our baby was born in June, our diets have not been all that great. Managing three kids is different than two, especially when one of them is pretty demanding. Nearly four months out though, I’ve decided as a family we needed to get back on track. So yesterday our dinner came entirely from the [...]

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   Sep 12

A snake, a frog and a hysterical dog

I came home to quite the scene on Monday afternoon. My dog, Molly, was barking and  jutting back and forth at something in the grass. Despite the fact that my hands were full, I decided to see what she was harassing. I wasn’t prepared for what I came upon. Just around the corner of our [...]

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   Jun 06

Slow but getting there

A cold wet spring and being nine months pregnant have taken their toll on my gardening progress. However, slowly and with some help things are starting to take shape. The raspberry bushes I planted last year look great. My daughter asks every day when we’ll have berries and I have to tell her to be [...]

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   May 17

Eating well…

A few weeks back I mentioned I will try to show examples of backyard to table dishes that I make.  Since college I’ve found it prudent to grow some of my own food. I enjoy gardening but it’s also a matter of trying to ensure my own health. I meet a lot of people who [...]

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   May 08

A pain

I had goals going into the month of May and I have not met them. My goals were to get my husband to till up my garden and to get cool weather crops planted.. The weather and my belly have stood in the way. Up until last Saturday, we still had snow on the ground, [...]

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   Apr 19

Ready to harvest

Despite the continuous crappy weather, parts of my yard are starting to signify that spring is indeed here. Some of my bulb plants have risen from the Earth and the grass is starting to take on a greener hue, at least when it’s not covered with snow. I am anticipating the sprouting of my asparagus [...]

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   Apr 04

Backyard to table

Talking with people lately I feel like a broken record. The weather sucks… The snow has mostly melted in our yard but the ground is still very frozen. In fact we have several Christmas decorations that are still stuck in the ground. Hopefully we’ll be able to pry them up this weekend. It’s getting a [...]

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   Feb 20

Use the last days of winter to learn

It’s been cold here in Minnesota, which is pretty much par for the course in February. However, March is just a week away and with it warmer temperatures are coming. I am a reporter by trade and so I receive a lot of press releases. In the last couple weeks press releases indicating warm weather [...]

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   Jan 16

Winter doldrums

It’s about this time every year I start really longing for warmer days. I have to admit I hate winter with a passion and it still boggles my mind that I chose to move north when considering colleges. However my husband and children are here and I like them. So Minnesota is where I will [...]

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   Sep 20

A mystery

Yesterday while I was picking tomatoes I found a rabbit carcass in my garden. The body was fully intact but the head appeared to have been eaten off. I’m grateful to whatever predator made short work of the rabbit. I’ve come to loath those stupid things. In fact I have new found respect for Elmer Fudd. [...]

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