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   May 15

A tulip mystery

I wrote here earlier in the spring, how excited I was for the great tulip bloom of 2015. And it was awesome. Beautiful blooms filled my yard. One by one, though, they started to disappear. I noticed petals in the driveway, so I asked my husband. He pleaded ignorance. I asked my older two kids […]

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   Apr 08

Taters gonna tate

I started planning my garden in February. When I say planning, I mean having general musings about what I was going to plant when the snow melted. This weekend I got a bit more serious and actually devised a plan. In creating this plan, I actually forced myself to look at what we eat regularly […]

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   Mar 20

When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one

Today is the vernal equinox, which means the sun appears directly over the equator. The event marks the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. For me it marks a time of great anticipation. See last year, I purchased a bunch of tulip bulbs for dirty cheap towards the end of fall. I planted them […]

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   Jan 23

Waste not

For Christmas I received a tumbling composter. While I have a pile at home for yard waste, I’m terrible about bringing kitchen waste down there. So I asked for something small I can put on my deck. I’m pretty stoked to put it into use; however, it’s presently frozen to the garage floor. We had […]

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   Dec 04

Books, books, books

Minnesota Public Radio’s Daily Circuit recently held a show dedicated to books. It was a fantastic hour of radio. You can listen to the conversationĀ here. The featured guests were Ron Charles, Book World editor for the Washington Post and Rebecca Joines Schinsky, Director of content and community for Riot New Media Group. Callers also offered […]

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   Nov 06

Ready for spring

Every fall I intend to till my garden, so that when those early warm spring days come around I can capitalize on them. However, I have never acted on my intention until this past week. Last weekend, I spread compost over my garden and then I tilled. I also planted 100 tulip bulbs. I tell […]

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   Sep 17

School lunch part 2

Our daughter started kindergarten the day after Labor Day. We sent her with a packed lunch but also put money in her account so that she could try hot lunch if she wanted to or frankly for the days that we just don’t have time to pack one. So far, she’s been good about helping […]

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   Sep 03

A return on investment

A few years ago, I planted raspberry bushes on the south side of my garden. When I bought the bushes I asked the sales guy if four would be enough. He snorted and said I would have more raspberries than I could handle. I thought his reaction seemed a bit haughty and unnecessary. He was […]

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   Aug 21

Lunch battles

My husband and I are having trouble deciding how to feed our daughter at school. He thinks we should make her eat school lunch and I think we should pack her lunch. His argument is that having her eat school prepared meals will force her to try new foods. He thinks the peer pressure of […]

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   Aug 13

Starting fresh

I want to apologize for the hiatus from this site. Transitioning to being a family of five turned out to be more than I anticipated and a blog was one more thing on a long list. However, I do want to continue with it and will be more consistent from here on out. This summer […]

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