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   Sep 27

Eating during a time of chaos

Since our baby was born in June, our diets have not been all that great. Managing three kids is different than two, especially when one of them is pretty demanding. Nearly four months out though, I’ve decided as a family we needed to get back on track. So yesterday our dinner came entirely from the farmer’s market.

There is some junk at the market but most of the products are healthy. I bought apples, carrots, brussel sprouts, red bell peppers and a couple of grass-fed sirloin steaks. As suppers go it was an easy one. I threw some olive oil and salt and pepper on the brussel sprouts and roasted them. My husband grilled the steaks and I  put out sliced peppers as a pre-dinner snack. Everyone ate without complaint. It was awesome.

With all the chaos of having a new baby, we had started eating more packaged food, thinking that it was the easier route. But last night’s meal was just as simple and a whole lot more healthful. Going forward I need to remind myself that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact my kids seem prefer the simple.

Speaking of simple, I have a ton of tomatoes and I was looking for a new way to use them. I ran across a recipe for a tomato and mozzarella quesadillas. I simply threw some mozzerella on a tortilla with some sliced tomatoes and a little basil and grilled it. It was pretty tasty.


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  1. Willy Zimmer says:

    The brussel sprouts sound good. I’m surprised you can eat them without a psychotic reaction from those nasty things we made you and Will eat when you were kids.

  2. Mary Sherman says:

    I am excited I found your blog.
    Yes, Life is chaos.
    My comment, I thought shopping at the Farmers Market was healthier and organic.
    No the Farmers Market is not organic and has GMO’s like every store.
    The only place in the area to get healthy food is at the Aldi’s very small organic selection.
    If more of us shop there they will probably bring in more Organic.
    I am glad they didn’t have GMO’s when my kids were young.