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   May 17

Eating well…

A few weeks back I mentioned I will try to show examples of backyard to table dishes that I make.  Since college I’ve found it prudent to grow some of my own food. I enjoy gardening but it’s also a matter of trying to ensure my own health.

I meet a lot of people who tell me they don’t have time to garden and generally I don’t buy it. If you watch television for more than an hour a day, you can find time to throw a few plants in some pots and water them. In college I grew tomatoes and basil in buckets at my apartment. I got the buckets for free  from a friend who worked at Cub Foods and bought cheap plants at Wal-mart. The set up wasn’t pretty but those four or five plants provided me with countless meals.

I mean it. Tomatoes and herbs can be used on sandwiches, pizza; in pasta sauce, soups, salads, bruschetta, pesto, salsa and more. Two simple ingredients can lend themselves to a wide array of delicious healthful dishes. While many of those dishes need a few more ingredients, it cost a lot less when you already have the base. For those apartment years, I and my roommates ate quite well.

Tomatoes aren’t the only plants that grow well in containers. Leafy greens, herbs, beans, brussel sprouts and more can all be grown in containers. And while something pretty is always nice, a cat litter bucket will do the job.

Being a 30 something woman with ears, it’s sometimes frustrating for me to hear people talk about how expensive it is to eat healthfully.

Eating well isn’t nearly as hard as people make it. A little effort can take you along way and it’s fun. It’s not nearly as time consuming as people think and it is really gratifying to watch something grow from a tiny seed to an ingredient to feed your family.  I really hope to show that this summer through this blog.




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