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   May 08

A pain

I had goals going into the month of May and I have not met them. My goals were to get my husband to till up my garden and to get cool weather crops planted..

The weather and my belly have stood in the way. Up until last Saturday, we still had snow on the ground, making it hard to get anything accomplished in the garden. The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better this week. On Sunday the sun came out, so I thought for sure I could do some stuff after work Monday.

Reality hit on Monday. I went to plant some seeds and found it really difficult to bend over. I am nine months pregnant.  I tried several other postitions but I was really uncomfortable. After getting a couple rows of lettuce in the ground, I gave up. I had hoped to get some peas and kale planted too but it’s just going to have to wait.

I know I sound whiny but I am disappointed. Usually my attitude is just do it but I’m uncomfortable most of the day anyway, adding to it just seems stupid. There’s still time to get things done and the baby will be here soon. My sister is coming to stay with us for a while so hopefully I’ll be able to enlist her help to get everything put in. One way or another I will get a garden planted this summer it just may be on a later time table than usual. Thank God I have a farmer’s market close by.

On a side not, I’m hoping to put a fence around my garden this summer to keep the rabbits out. I don’t want anything too fancy. Some posts and chicken wire I think would work. Does anyone out there have good advice to offer on putting up a fence? Please share your experiences.


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