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   Feb 20

Use the last days of winter to learn

It’s been cold here in Minnesota, which is pretty much par for the course in February. However, March is just a week away and with it warmer temperatures are coming.

I am a reporter by trade and so I receive a lot of press releases. In the last couple weeks press releases indicating warm weather is on its way have started rolling in. Spring home and garden shows are going on. Garden and horticulture specialist are offering classes and community gardens are taking applications for membership. It’s so exciting!

Community gardening has definitely gained momentum from when I started seven years ago. In the last several years I have written at least a half dozen stories on community gardens opening. It’s wonderful and I hope it’s a trend that continues. If you are interested in joining a community garden I would start looking for a plot now. Most are taking applications and they will fill up fast. There are so many in the Twin Cities I wouldn’t know where to begin but if you need help finding something comment on this board and I am more than willing to help you find something.

If your community doesn’t have one, start one! While it takes time and energy, it’s effort well spent that will benefit not only yourself but your community at large. There’s lots of good information about starting a community garden at http://www.communitygarden.org. It’s unlikely you would be able to establish something in time for this spring but it’s a good time to get people on board who like the idea and are willing to help.

To get ready for the upcoming growing season and to get out of the house consider taking a class. Here in the southern Twin Cities area a number of groups will be offering opportunities in the coming months. In particular the Dakota County Master Gardeners will host their Let’s Get Growing Spring Expo starting at 8 a.m.  March 9. Registration is going on now and it’s well worth the effort to attend. For more information about the speakers and vendors and to download registration forms, please visit their blog at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mgweb/dakota/ .  Information can also be found atwww.dakotamastergardeners.org/home-2/ . School District 196 Community Education also has a variety of classes on home gardening coming up. Check out their catalog at http://district196.org/ce/.

While the weather still has some cards to deal, warmer days are near and so why not take advantage and learn something new. Let me know what you learn!


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